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21 05, 2015

How to use a Toilet Roll Core as a Cable Tidy

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I first came across how to use a toilet roll core as a cable tidy when we were fitting 120, 3 Roll Revolution Dispenser in a local School. The caretaker used cardboard cores for several uses. The best one was to use the core as a cable tidy. I also came across this video on The BBC website. The video here shows how to do it. It’s such a simple idea and costs nothing as cores are normally always thrown in the bin, or down the toilet according to the caretaker at the School. Even though our Bay West Ecosoft Toilet Rolls are enclosed in a dispenser there’s still no reason why you can’t still keep them for good use!!

Let us know if you have any great ideas for use with used toilet roll cores and we’ll be happy to post the best here on our Bay West website!

So please, always try and recycle your cardboard toilet roll cores!

28 04, 2015

Bay West Alliance Dispenser System

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Bay West Alliance Dispenser System | NEW!! Now available form Bay West UK

Our New Bay West Alliance Dispenser is now Launched!

This unique Hand Towel Dispenser for hand drying is nothing like you’ve seen before! With the capability of holding 2 FULL rolls of Paper Roll Towel. With its patent pending innovative design with electronic, battery operated feature. Once the first roll has been completely used the automatic sensor replaces the second roll for use so you never run out of towels. Massively reducing labour and maintenance costs. There is a feature on the dispenser that tells you when the battery is running low you this can be checked through every daily inspection.

This Alliance Dispenser is available in 2 colours, Elegant Black or White.

You can check out how it works on our Video Tutorial Page.

28 01, 2015

The Cleaning Show London March 2015

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The Cleaning Show London March 2015 – 10-12th March

Visit our Bay West Display, Stand F1 @ The Cleaning Show 2015 London. We’re showcasing our Range of Washroom Dispensers for Toilet Rolls, Hand Towels & Soap. You’ll also see our new range of Impressions high quality toilet tissue.

Watch demonstrations of how our systems work and how Cost in Use is something you should be thinking about to save money.

5 01, 2015

£25million flushed down the drain

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NHS flushes £25m down the toilet: Saving on loo rolls would pay for 700 nurses

It’s astounding what i’ve just read in an article about the NHS and what has been wasted on Loorolls. If only buyers & customers would take in to account the cost in use element of toilet rolls instead of the cheaper case price, everyone would save money on toilet rolls!
We can sell 1 case of 36 toilet rolls for £4.60+
We can sell 1 case of 36 toilet rolls for £37.52+ (Bay West Ecosoft)
We speak to so many customer who say “I’m not paying £37.52+ for a case of toilet rolls when i can pay £4.60” If only they would listen to why £37.52 would be the cheaper option!!

Click here to read the article for yourself, its an interesting read! (Mirror online)

With there being so many toilet roll options it may well be worth someone in the NHS taking a serious look into our Bay West & North Shore Dispenser Systems which would only be of great benefit! We all know that another 700 nurses would be such a great thing for the NHS.

5 12, 2014

Our New Bay West Website

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We at Loorolls.com just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for visiting our new Bay West website featuring FREE bathroom & Kitchen Dispenser Systems.

Offering a wide range of toilet roll, hand towel and hand care dispensers and refills. Each dispenser has been designed to save our users money with concentrated formulas on our hand soaps and hand sanitizers. Our Opti-Serv roll towel dispensers when filled offer a hug amount of hand towel dries and also include a stub roll option so the user never need run out of paper towels. Our Revolution Ecosoft toilet roll dispenser offers 3 rolls per dispenser with 625 sheets per roll of 100% recycled toilet tissue.

We have designed our new website with the hope of making it easy to search for what you need quickly. We haveadded and continue to add information for all our products including video tutorials so you can see before you try how all our systems work. Our utorials show you how to load each dispenser and how products are dispensed. We also offer an on site consultation at a time thats suits you. We’re always happy to visit your place of business and discuss your needs to advise where to best fit dispensers and also to advise on the correct dispenser to suit your business.

We’re here to assist you with everything you should need to know but if you dont find what your looking for on our new website then please get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to chat.