bay west uk Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’s – Frequently asked questions. We have compiled a list of common questions we have been asked over the last 10 years  about our Bay West range of Washroom Dispenser Systems. If you don’t see an answer to YOUR question please contact us to ask and we’ll answer as soon as we can!

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Can I have Free Toilet Roll Dispensers?2019-09-03T13:10:18+00:00

Yes,  you can have Free toilet roll dispensers! All our Bay West Washroom Dispensers are offer Free on Loan. This means that as long as you purchase your Bay West Paper Products from Bay West UK – Loorolls.com we will supply your Free Toilet Roll Dispenser.

Free Toilet Roll Dispensers – The Options

We have a few options to choose form in our Free Toilet Roll Dispenser Range. 3 Roll Revolution that fits 3 Ecosoft Toilet Rolls, Dubl-Soft 2 Roll Dispensers that sit Side by Side and our least popular Free toilet roll dispenser is our Vertical Dispenser where one roll fits on top of the other inside the dispenser.

free toilet roll dispensers     free toilet rolls dispenser bay west dubl-serv side by side toilet roll dispenser black    Dubl-Serv Vertical Toilet Roll Dispenser Black

Why Do I Get Free Toilet Rolls Dispensers?

Another question we get asked is why, how can we supply free toilet rolls dispensers and what’s the catch? Well over time we fully expect to get our money back from supplying our customer as we are confident we give a great service and a great product that keeps customers coming back and ordering from us. We’re not here to make a quick buck, we’re here to offer a high level of service and to treat customers how we expect to be treated ourselves.

So where can I get hold of my Free toilet roll dispensers?

As Bay West UK is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Bay West Dispenser Systems we supply all Bay West products through our online store @ Loorolls.com for prices & further answers to all your questions simply contact us we’ll be happy to assist you in any way possible. Also as an added bonus at Loorolls.com we offer a complete range of Janitorial, Disposable and Cleaning & Hygiene products that should also be beneficial to you and your place of work.

The same Free offer applies for all our Bay West Dispensers, you can have Free Paper Hand Towel Dispensers from either of our options. We have a folded option that is our Microfold, Z Fold Dispenser or our Opti-Serv Roller Hand Towel Dispenser either offer great cost in use. Don’t forget to complete your matching dispenser range with our free hand soap dispensers.

All our Bay west dispenser are available in a range of colours to match your decor.

Can you send me replacement dispenser keys, I’ve lost mine?2017-01-04T11:36:21+00:00

YES, we can send out replacement keys for all your dispensers. You should get a key per dispenser when your dispenser is first delivered. We then ask you to keeep them safe and keep spares in a place you can remember. However if you do misplace your Bay West Dispenser key please contact us and we’ll get replacement over to you!

Are your Bay west Automatic Hand Towel Dispensers Electric?2014-12-05T10:59:11+00:00

NO! Our Automatic Hand Towel Dispensr are battery operated. Your initial dispenser will come with batteries included. You the custoemr is then resposible for the replacement batteries.

Can i have different colours in certain areas of my business?2014-11-17T09:15:45+00:00

Yes, you can pick any colour that suits your decor in any different area.

What do i do if my dispenser breaks?2014-11-17T09:14:11+00:00

All our Bay West Dispensers have replacable parts so we will be happy to replace any damages. On the rare occasion that the problem is too severe then we will replace the whole dispenser.

Will somebody call out to my business to discuss and advise?2014-11-17T09:11:42+00:00

Yes! We have professionally trained staff on hand to demonstrate all our Bay West Systems. We will spend as much time as necessary to train all our Bay West users. Even if you have new staff on board we have tutorials you can view to check out how it works!

Can i put normal toilet rolls in Bay West Dispensers?2019-09-03T13:13:09+00:00

I’m afraid only Bay West Toilet Rolls fit into our Bay West Dispensers. They are designed with ‘Cost in Use’ in mind and as such have a break system and plastic insert that would not work with a standard household toilet roll dispenser.

If i change from my current supplier how long will i have to wait?2014-11-17T08:54:16+00:00

We aim to have your dispensers replaced within a 2 week period depending on the quantity of dispensers you order.

Do I ever need to buy dispensers?2019-09-03T13:13:53+00:00

No, all our dispensers are FREE on Loan! You only pay for the product to suit your Free Dispenser.