Free Revolution 3 Roll Toilet Roll Dispensers in Black

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Free Revolution 3 Roll Toilet Roll Dispensers in Black

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Free Revolution 3 Roll Toilet Roll Dispenser in Smoked Black

Free Revolution 3 roll toilet roll dispenser? so your thinking whats the catch? It’s simple, all you have to do to get your Free Revolution 3 roll toilet roll dispenser is purchase your Bay West Ecosoft 616 Toilet Roll to suit from our Nationwide Distributor. Whatever the quantity you need for your place of work, whether it be 1 dispenser or 100 dispensers we offer full support and Free on Loan Systems.

The benefits and features of our Revolution 3 Roll Dispenser are:

  • High capacity 3 Roll so you never need run out of tissue
  • Complete roll usage so no waste tissue
  • Carousel mechanism delivers continous availability
  • Protection – Each dispenser can be kept locked and protected
  • Colour to suit your place of work
  • 3 Toilet Roll Options – 100% recycled or 2 & 3ply roll available.

Compact and Modern Dispenser

Our compact and modern Smoked Black Dispenser is sleek in design to fit into any cubicle even if at first sight you think it may be too big. As we at Bay West UK have supplied in excess of 10,000 Revolution Dispensers across the UK in Schools, Colleges, Universaties we have yet to find a cubicle that is too small to fit this dispenser.

For a brief introduction on how it works you can view our YouTube video HERE

The Next Step

So you like our Dispenser System but your not sure on the cost in use savings! We can arrange a visit from our trained System Sales Specialists to visit your workplace to demonstrate personally how they work and the savings that can be acheived from using our Bay West products. We can offer a 2 week trial to prove how well our systems work and how they can save on time and effort for you and your staff. Fro a visit please call 0151 342 2111 of fill out our online contact form HERE.

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