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Bay West Ecosoft Toilet Rolls for Orbit or Side By Side Dispensers

Ecosoft Toilet rolls, North Shore

Ecosoft Toilet Rolls formerly from BayWest UK, renamed as North Shore. Eco Friendly Toilet Rolls for our Orbit 4 Roll Dispensers or our Twin Side by Side Dispensers.

This Ecosoft Toilet Roll fits in all Bay West Toilet Roll Dispensers.


Orbit Toilet Roll Dispenser

Thwe perfect cost in use Toilet Roll Dispenser. The New Orbit Dispenser holds 4 Toilet Rolls for maximum capacity.

  • Supplied Free on Loan
  • Availble in 3 Colours, Blue, White or Black
  • Carousel turning wheel for continous toilet tissue
  • Lockable dispenser to deter pilferage
  • Modern, sturdy design that is easy clean
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Bay West UK: Home to the UK’s #1 Best Selling Dispenser Systems ever!

With many years’ experiences of Distributing North Shore (Bay West) Paper & Soap Dispenser Systems, are certain to have a dispenser to suit your needs.

Our (AFH) Away from Home BayWest UK Paper Dispenser range offers something a little different to the run of the mill teardrop type systems you may find in the marketplace.

Our FREE ON LOAN Bay West Dispensers offer cost in use savings with the focus being on portion control. Our 4 Roll Orbit and Due Side by Side toilet roll systems have a brake system so you can’t free wheel your loo roll on tissue dispensing.

Our Mechanical & Hybrid Roll Towel system offers an automatic cut length, so you know exactly what you get per towel dry. Our Hand Wash Foaming Soap systems offer extreme dosing control with 2000 shots per cartridge. We are confident we offer some of the best cost in use savings in the UK compared with like for like systems.

With over 10,000+ Users and counting, is one of the leading & most trusted North Shore (BayWest UK) Distributors on the UK market.

For generic toilet roll & hand towel systems like mini jumbo and C Fold paper hand towels our New North Shore (Bay West) range is exceptional. For bulk fill soap dispensers our Controlled Foam Soap systems are simply more economical.

Not only will North Shore products from save you money we also offer high quality products that work! Our BAY WEST UK range has recycled options for those looking for the Environmentally Friendly products and are also certified with the Ecolabel accreditation.

Browse through our product range or call us to discuss your requirements. As much as our Range of Dispensers are designed for the AFH marketplace & not ideal for home use we do recommend our Soap systems for your Garage at home or even for use in the back of your work van for use with our Hand Sanitiser Foaming Gel where you don’t need water, just a steady upright surface so you can attached your free dispenser.


We will be happy to send out an experienced representative to evaluate your site or workplace. We will discuss our North Shore systems, show you the advantages and how they can save you money.