CHSA and our Bay West Paper Products. We are proud to promote our range of Bay West Tissue Products with CHSA and carry the CHSA logo.CHSA Logo

One of the fundamental aims of the Association is to raise standards in the cleaning industry.  Over the course of the last few years the practice has evolved within the soft tissue market of supplying products in unmarked packs for use as ‘fighting brands’ in a very price competitive environment. This has unfortunately allowed some suppliers to pass the products off as being more than they really are.

CHSA has taken the initiative to rid the marketplace of these products, and consequently this practice, with the introduction of the Manufacturing Standard Accreditation Scheme. Those companies who register for the Scheme undertake to fully label all their products with lengths, widths and sheet counts as appropriate and guarantee that the product in the box meets the specification on the label.  Such companies are permitted to feature the approved Accreditation logo on their packs and literature which allows end users to easily identify those products which can be bought with total confidence.

The Scheme is monitored by an Independent Inspector who will make visits on participating manufacturers to ensure compliance with the Schemes standards. The Council of CHSA enforces compliance with the right to withdraw use of the Accreditation logo from any company found to be in default.

Through application of the Scheme, CHSA has led the way enhancing the standing of both the market and those companies operating in it by ensuring that end users receive real value for money. Together we can Beat the Cheats.

Being a Washroom Supplier with morals we do our utmost to offer products that state exactly what’s on the tin! Our Bay West products manufacturers are also on our side and show huge support in beating the cheats!

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