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North Shore Toilet Rolls Dispenser for Ecosoft

Our North Shore Orbit Bathroom Dispensers are beautifully designed to highlight your washroom with a modern feel. Elegant in design and super strong to last. Each Revolution dispenser fits a few options we have available for toilet paper, Ecosoft 625 sheet made from 100% recycled tissue.

The New, Updated North Shore Range

Impressions 2ply 525 sheet Impressions are a laminated tissue that has 36 rolls per case. If you want your bathroom accessories to stand out then our Impressions certainly do, the bright white virgin tissue with an elegant embossed design. All Tissue Paper to refill our Revolution Dispensers conform to the CHSA (Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association) Soft Tissue Standards so you can rest assured that what you order is what you get!

Drain Friendly and Zero Waste Toilet Rolls

Each Bay West Toilet Roll works brilliantly when you flush it down the loo. The luxury tissue we use offers a fast breakdown in water that helps reduce blockages in your drains.

We have 2 options in our range of quality tissue for Front of House & Back of House.

Our North Shore tissue paper is Cost effective with pure or recycled options available.