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Battery Operated Hand Towels Dispensers

Battery operated hand towel dispenser from Bay West, Wave n Dry automatic hand towel dispenser that uses a sensor to activate the dispense of each paper towel. This works with the use of a wave motion using your hand or arm underneath the infa-red sensor. Perfect for when you dont want your dispenser to be touched for added hygiene. All towels are open and not folded per dispense on all our Wave n dry dispensers. This is not an Electric paper towel dispenser as it does need to be wired into mains. Our touchless automatic paper towel dispensers is totally hand free, simply wave your hand across the sensor and watch the towel appear with no need to touch the dispenser at all.
PLEASE NOTE: Batteries are included with the delivery of your dispensers and last for 90 rolls per battery life. Customers must then provide their own batteries. This is a battery operated dispenser.