£25million flushed down the drain

NHS flushes £25m down the toilet: Saving on loo rolls would pay for 700 nurses

It’s astounding what i’ve just read in an article about the NHS and what has been wasted on Loorolls. If only buyers & customers would take in to account the cost in use element of toilet rolls instead of the cheaper case price, everyone would save money on toilet rolls!
We can sell 1 case of 36 toilet rolls for £7.95+
We can sell 1 case of 36 toilet rolls for £41.50+ (Bay West Ecosoft)
We speak to so many customer who say “I’m not paying £41.50+ for a case of toilet rolls when i can pay £7.95” If only they would listen to why £41.50 would be the cheaper option!!

Click here to read the article for yourself, its an interesting read! (Mirror online)

With there being so many toilet roll options it may well be worth someone in the NHS taking a serious look into our Bay West & North Shore Dispenser Systems which would only be of great benefit! We all know that another 700 nurses would be such a great thing for the NHS.

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