Are there any downsides to eco-friendly toilet paper?

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While eco-friendly toilet paper has many benefits, such as reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainability, there are also some potential downsides or considerations to keep in mind:

  1. Cost: Eco-friendly toilet paper can be more expensive than conventional toilet paper made from virgin wood pulp. This is often due to the use of alternative materials like bamboo or recycled paper, which can be more expensive to produce.
  2. Availability: Depending on your location, eco-friendly toilet paper options may be less readily available in local suppliers. You might need to purchase them online or from specialty retailers such as, which can be less convenient.
  3. Texture and Strength: Some people find that eco-friendly toilet paper may not be as soft or as strong as conventional toilet paper. This can vary depending on the brand and the materials used. It’s essential to try different options to find one that suits your preferences.
  4. Breakdown Time: Certain types of eco-friendly toilet paper may take longer to break down in septic systems or older plumbing systems compared to conventional toilet paper. Check product labels for information on breakdown time if this is a concern for your household. Our Ecosoft Toilet Tissue breaks down super fast with no issues at all 🙂

Are there any downsides to eco-friendly toilet paper?

  1. Packaging: While eco-friendly toilet paper itself may be environmentally friendly, the packaging used to contain it can vary. Some brands may use excess plastic or non-recyclable materials in their packaging, so it’s essential to consider the overall eco-friendliness of the product, including its packaging. Our Bay West Ecosoft is Boxed using recyled material and don’t offer any downsides to eco-friendly toilet paper.
  2. Sourcing and Certification: Not all eco-friendly toilet paper brands are created equal. Some may make claims about their environmental benefits without proper certifications or transparency about their sourcing and production processes. It’s a good idea to research brands and look for certifications like FSC or Rainforest Alliance to ensure responsible practices. Go green with our North Shore Ecosoft Toilet Rolls.
  3. Personal Preferences: Personal preferences vary when it comes to toilet paper. Some people may prefer the texture, thickness, or softness of conventional toilet paper and may not be satisfied with the feel of eco-friendly options.

Despite these potential downsides, many people find that the environmental benefits of using eco-friendly toilet paper outweigh these considerations. It’s a matter of personal choice and priorities. If you’re committed to reducing your environmental impact, you can experiment with different eco-friendly brands to find one that suits your preferences and needs.