How to use a Toilet Roll Core as a Cable Tidy

Don't throw away your cardboard toilet roll cores

I first came across how to use a toilet roll core as a cable tidy when we were fitting 120, 4 Roll Orbit Dispenser in a local School. The caretaker used cardboard cores for several uses. The best one was to use the core as a cable tidy. I also came across this video on The BBC website. The video here shows how to do it. It’s such a simple idea and costs nothing as cores are normally always thrown in the bin, or down the toilet according to the caretaker at the School. Even though our Bay West Ecosoft Toilet Rolls are enclosed in a dispenser there’s still no reason why you can’t still keep them for good use!!

Let us know if you have any great ideas for use with used toilet roll cores and we’ll be happy to post the best here on our Bay West website!

So please, always try and recycle your cardboard toilet roll cores!

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